About Us


Located in historic Gordon County, the mammoth Nature's Big Spring is a true historical landmark. For hundreds of years, the Cherokee Nation used Big Springs as their main water source.

When the famous explorer De Soto came through the area, local tribal elders and Chieftains spoke of the "Spring of Life" De Soto could not contain himself thinking he had finally stumbled upon the Fountain of Youth. However, according to historical journals never referenced the Spring as such. 

During the Civil War, both sides erected camps along side the cave where the Spring exited the ground to resupply their water. In 1864, Big Spring received the coveted its historical maker commemorating the necessity and value of its water in the Civil War.

For thousands of years, Big Springs has emerged deep from within the earth to bring forth millions and millions of gallons of crystal clean water. Producing daily averages of 12 plus million gallons a day. Our production facility draws directly from the center of the column 150 feet in and 300 feet down. Thus assuring a clean untouched supply of water at a constant 54 degree year round. The Spring has remained drought resistant as well, validating its massive depth.

Know you know where our water comes from, taste it and you will see for yourself.